WELLNESS, new towels available in 3 sizes.: 30x50 cm, 50x100 cm and 70x140 cm.

What makes it unique is the possibility of branding by sublimation technique on a specially designed branding border which has the appropriate polyester percentage.

The rest of the towel is made out of 100 % cotton.

WELLNESS 30 and 70 are available in color white , while WELLNESS 50 can be ordered in color white, blue, yellow, kiwi green and red.

’’Colors matter’’ is the message that we are bringing to you straight from the Switzerland. We are presenting new pen familly in our assortment, CHALK, in 4 different models.

The pen originally designed by BMW Group subsiduary designworks USA in Munich, Germany, is produced by the Swiss company Premec, and stands out for its award winning design. The Chalk pen has been nominated for the German Design Award 2015, an international premium award for excellent product design and assigned with the Good Design Awards for 2013, the world’s most prestigious global awards for the new product design and graphics. The shape of the Chalk pen is simple and sophisticated, ideal for printing both on the body of the pen and on the clip of the pen.

Branded Chalk pen can be used as a prpromotional instrument in various marketing activities. Chalk production is organized according to ECO – friendly processes, which is an important information for potential customers.